Sunday, December 18, 2005

Training with Power, Part 2

In my first post I mentioned that heart rate tends to lag behind power output. I found a great example of this from a recent ride last week. During one of my commutes last week I decided to push it on a short hill. The graph below shows the result. The yellow line shows my power output, which immediately shoots up to over 800 watts (this sucks btw, a pro sprinter can push 1500 watts). Notice though that when my power output peaks, my heart rate is still climbing, and continues to climb after I have stopped the interval.

Also notice in the data block at the bottom of the graph are some stats about the ride (this view is a zoom). In particular, notice the energy expenditure for the ride was 1723 kJ. This is about 1723 calories (actually probably a bit more). Using this information I know I probably need to consume 1700 calories in additional to my daily requirement of around 2000 (maybe 2200 or so). Personally I don't really count calories and I highly doubt I eat 3700 calories on these days. I have a feeling I probably over eat on my lower intensity days since my weight hasn't really changed.

I can also take this 1723 figure and add it to my total for the week. Training cycles usually call for increasing the training load each week for about 3 weeks and then taking a recovery week. By keeping tracking of my energy expenditure I can make sure I am pushing myself further each week. It is more accurate than simply counting the number of hours ridden every week.


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