Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Season Wrapup

My racing season actually ended quite a while ago in late July. With Ryan's arrival approaching I decided to stop racing early to make sure I was in one piece for the delivery. I was hoping to get in a few more races after his birth, but I underestimated the time requirements of a newborn (duh). Anyhow, my last race was in late July and since then I've pretty much moved into training mode. Thanks to bike commuting, I've still managed to get in a solid number of training hours.

All in all, it was a pretty good season. I went from the bottom of the field to a top 10 contender in most races, placing very well in some stage races. Unfortunately I also had a few mechanical issues (flats) that I believe cost me some good results. I was thinking about petitioning for an upgrade, but given the fact that I have a newborn to deal with I'm going to hang out in my current category for at least one more year.

In training news, I've officially canceled my membership with Carmichael Training. $150/month was simply too much money and while having a coach was helpful, I think I have enough knowledge to go about it alone now. Right now I'm thinking about putting together a program that combines elements of the Carmichael program and Friel's work. We'll see though.. the season is barely over and there is plenty of time to figure these things out.


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