Monday, October 10, 2005


I've been in search of a new news reader since I have been unable to use Onfolio. Unfortunately, I can't install Onfolio at work (security issues) and running it over VNC to my home machine was getting a bit tedious.

So, when I heard that Google released a new web based news reader I immediately hopped over to their site to check it out. Unfortunately my joy only lasted a few minutes. I quickly realized that while it has a nifty interface, it is missing some key features. In particular, there is no way to mark all (or some) of yours feeds as read. After importing all of my feeds this was exactly what I wanted to do, but came up dry. I went back to the site a couple of times because I was so amazed they didn't have this feature.

Then I remembered bloglines. I used it once, but decided to check it out again. Sure enough, it does exactly what I want. It isn't as pretty as Google, but I can live with that. Funny how Google drove me right to a competitor.


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