Sunday, October 23, 2005

Life Simplification, Part 1

The recent increase in Yahoo! Music prices got me thinking about the various small monthly subscriptions I have that probably add up to a decent amount of money. So, I decided to do some house cleaning. The results so far are:

CTS Coaching: $150/month
Ok, this isn't really fair. I decided to cancel this a while back since it was a luxury and simply isn't worth the money.

Streamload: $5/month
I was attempting to use Streamload as an online backup service, but it was too much work. I'll stick to my home build backup server and DVD shipped to an undisclosed location for backups.

Netflix: Subscription downgrade
I dropped my Netflix subscription from the standard 3/month to 2/month. It only saves a few $$, but I wasn't really using the 3rd anyway.

XBox Live: $6/month
My annual subscription is about to come to an end and rather than renew I think I'll hold off until I actually want to use it again. It is definitely worth the money and I'll use it again once I get an XBox 360, but right now I'm just not playing that many games.

That's it for now. I'm giving serious consideration to give Vonage a try. That could save a fortune on phone costs. I'd love to get rid of the Tivo fee, but that is actually worth it and the "free" alternatives have a high startup cost (new hardware).


At 10:09 PM, Anonymous MegaZone said...

There is the option of the $299 lifetime TiVo subscription - it is less of an up front investment than switching to non-TiVo systems, and it eliminates the ongoing monthly payments. Plus it is equity in the unit, so when/of you replace it you can resell it for far more.


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