Sunday, July 17, 2005

You Make the Call

Last week during my ride to work I cruising through a neighborhood in downtown Seattle (near UW). The streets in this neighborhood are very small and you almost never see a car. As I went through a small intersection with no stop signs another biker came out of the street to my right with the intention of making a left onto the street I was on. Unfortunatley, the two of us collided in the middle of the intersection.

I'm not sure who was wrong in this situation. I've looked at various traffic law pages and it seems to depend entirely on when each of us got to the intersection. If I was there first, I have the right of way since I was going straight. But, if he was there first, I should have yielded to him.

It was all very silly and neither of us were seriously injured. Both of my knees and an elbow were torn up and I'm pretty sore and fatigued, but I'm in one piece. On a side note, after the crash I rode another half hour to work and walked in with blood running down both legs. That was interesting. :) Anyway, the other person seemed ok physically, but have some bike damage.


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