Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yes, I must have this

Beautiful, aerodynamic, full carbon.. finally, Cervelo does it. The Soloist carbon:

And at a mere $3200 for just the frame, it's a steal!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

You Make the Call

Last week during my ride to work I cruising through a neighborhood in downtown Seattle (near UW). The streets in this neighborhood are very small and you almost never see a car. As I went through a small intersection with no stop signs another biker came out of the street to my right with the intention of making a left onto the street I was on. Unfortunatley, the two of us collided in the middle of the intersection.

I'm not sure who was wrong in this situation. I've looked at various traffic law pages and it seems to depend entirely on when each of us got to the intersection. If I was there first, I have the right of way since I was going straight. But, if he was there first, I should have yielded to him.

It was all very silly and neither of us were seriously injured. Both of my knees and an elbow were torn up and I'm pretty sore and fatigued, but I'm in one piece. On a side note, after the crash I rode another half hour to work and walked in with blood running down both legs. That was interesting. :) Anyway, the other person seemed ok physically, but have some bike damage.

Friday, July 15, 2005


A little Thursday night race, nothing big and look what happens.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Recent Race Roundup

Lately I've been lazy when it comes to writing about the racing scene. To be honest, not much of interest has been happening. All of the big stage races of the year are pretty much over and criterium season is in full swing. Also, due to some coming changes (additions) to my family, I'm pretty much wrapping up my racing season. I'm still going to race when I can, but I'm not targeting any more big races this year. Anyway, here's what's been going on lately.

Gig Harbor Circuit Race
Great road race on a 4 mile circuit with a short, steep climb. I stayed around the front most of the day and helped bring in a breakaway or two, but I missed getting in the break that ultimately won the race. On the second to last lap I decided to put the hammer down on the hill to see if I could make anything happen. Unfortunately, nothing much came of it and much to my disappointment I realized I had miscounted the laps when we crossed the start/finish line. We had 2 laps to go instead of the 1 I was expecting. Oh well. My legs were pretty cooked, but I managed to bring it home and get 13th on the day.

Burien Criterium
Early morning, July 4th, downtown Burien, WA. This was a very nice course for a criterium. 4 corners, about a kilometer long with a small hill and smooth pavement. After warming up on my trainer I completed my warmup on the course. Something didn't seem right as soon as I hit the course. My heartrate seemed a bit high for my level of effort and my legs didn't feel so great. The situation didn't change during the race. I stayed with the main group, but just didn't have any punch. It was pretty much a non-event. Later in the week I came down with a touch of illness, so I think I may have been suffering the initial effects during this race.

Broadmark Skagit Flats Circuit Race
This morning local racers headed north to Silvana, WA for a race around a 5 mile circuit on flat farm roads. Most of our 7 laps were fast, but uneventful. I was still feeling a bit off, but my legs felt ok. I pretty much stayed in the group for most of the day to conserve energy, but moved toward the front on the last lap. Actually, coming in to the last lap I was on the front but didn't take the opportunity to try a break, which was probably a mistake. Steaming toward the last kilometer the peloton started to get dicey as everyone tried to set themselves up for the finished. Then, two guys at the front bumped and a huge crash followed. As I went into the grass to avoid hitting someone I remember seeing someone next to me go flying over their handlebars. I got my act together and hauled ass for the finish line, but I'm sure it wasn't an impressive placing.