Monday, June 06, 2005

Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race

This year the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race took place the weekend after Wenatchee. I took it easy during the week to get ready for my "A" priority race of the year. The format was similiar to Wenatachee: time trial, criterium, road race. Unlike Wenatchee, Enumclaw is a traditional time based format. Unfortunately, the weekend was a total bust. Here's the event rundown:

10k Time Trial:
Managed 16th place (I always get 16th!) despite having one of my aero bars come loose during the event. A solid improvement over last year's 73rd position.

30 Criterium:
Very difficult to make up ground in an 8 corner criterium, especially when you get a bad start. I finished with the main group.. again, much better than last year.

Road Race:
I was really looking forward to this. The course has a great climb which we were going to do 3 times. At the bottom of the first climb I was midfield. By the top I was in the top 10. Just like Wenatchee, I figured I'd be really strong on the climb. Unfortunately shortly after the summit I noticed my rear tire going soft. The support car was nowhere in sight because the field was so strung out after the hill. Several minutes had passed by the time the car caught up with me and I knew my chances for a good finish were shot so I just rode back to the parking lot and called it a day.

Talk about disappointment. Flats have bitten me in two races this year. I need to find a better racing tire.... or figure out if I'm doing something else wrong. Sigh.


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