Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kent State Criterium

The Kent Criterium is the state championship criterium race for senior racers (under 30). The race was a 45 minute criterium on a figure 8 (no, you don't cross each other) course in downtown Kent, WA. I'm not a big fans of crits because they are usually filled with crashes, but I figured this one might be fun. The course was quite enjoyable, but the 8 corners meant passing was difficult since you're always getting ready for another turn. I felt good and was staying toward the front for most of the race, looking for an opportunity to try a breakaway.

Unfortunately with 15 minutes left on the clock there was a massive crash behind me and we rolled neutral for a few laps until the race was stopped. Usually a race stoppage is only a few minutes, but this was closer to 10 or 15. They kept reporting back the condition of the fallen rider: he's ok! ... he's ok, but we think he might have some broken ribs.... he's ok, but he's feeling some numbness in his legs. Great.

When they finally restarted the race they reset the clock to have 10 minutes left. At this point I decided to walk away. A 10 minute sprint with everyone fully recovered. No thanks... I like my ribs and other parts the way they are. :)


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