Monday, March 21, 2005

Low Key Weekend

Even though there were two races on the calendar this weekend, I decided to take it easy and stick to training. Saturday's scheduled race was the third of the Mason Lake series. Frankly, I was getting tired of riding around that damn lake so it was easy to say no. Sunday's event took place in Sequim, WA, which is a ferry ride plus a decent drive away. I probably would have had to get up at 5ish to pull that one off and I wasn't up for it.

Unfortunately, both of my training rides took place in the nasty wind and rain that has returned to the Seattle area. On Saturday I didn't put on my rain jacket soon enough and ended up quite soaked by the end. On Sunday I was about an hour and a half from home when the rain hit and I realized I had forgotten my rain jacket. The two days of riding soaked in the freezing rain took a lot of me. Maybe I should have gone racing after all.

In other news, I updated the team website with a new design, so check it out if you get a chance.


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