Saturday, March 26, 2005

CTS Field Test

On Friday I was scheduled for another field test. I hate field tests (hate!). It is just a complete suffer fest, performed twice. In case you don't remember, the field test is two 3 mile time trials separately by a 10 minute rest. The time time trial is an all out, eye crossing effort. Did I mention I hate the field test?

Thursday's workout included a few short sprints to prime my body for today. It must have been the time of day (early morning) or what I had eaten (just a Clif bar), but I couldn't get my heart rate up too high. I was worried I wouldn't perform well today.

So, I made sure I was properly fueled and headed out to the course during the afternoon. As I settled in to the first interval I looked down and saw my heart tick up to 180 and then peak out at 181. That was pretty good. I have never seen it that high in a field test before. It looked like I was maintaining an average of 179/180 for the duration of the test, but it started to drop toward the end and my
average turned out to be around 176.

After a 10 minute break I started the second interval. My HR was running a bit lower, as I would expect, but seemed pretty good. I ended with an average of 174. Both numbers are about where I was for the last test, so I guess that means everything is ok. I really hope I don't have to do another one soon.


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