Friday, January 07, 2005

The Future of Development

Herb Sutter has a very interesting new article which suggests that the free ride of faster processors we've been enjoying is about to end. He shows that CPU speeds are starting to plateau and that the future will be many processors on a single chip, which will require highly parallelized applications for maximum effect.

This will be very interesting. As it stands, serial programs are very difficult to reason about and understand. I'm not just referring to the code either, I believe that the way we document and test (mainly) serial systems is very rudimentary. Highly parallel applications add a significant amount of complexity to this. Hmm... time to start asking more concurrency questions in interviews. :)


At 9:17 PM, Blogger Jim Carson said...

I did a bunch of work on parallel processors in grad school (the Sequent Dynix's parallel Make was fun!). Jobs behave much like a single checkout line feeding into a bunch of registers -- lots of synchronization can be needed if your problem isn't divvied up right. Debugging requires a lot of patience. :)


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