Friday, January 21, 2005

Customer Service

I've had the pleasure of dealing with the customer service departments of several companies lately. I'll bypass all the obvious material in this one and comment on the new voice enabled phone systems they all seem to have. Rather than punch numbers to navigate the menus, now you have to say the number, and pretty much everything else. I found this to be not only more time consuming, but a potential privacy problem as I rattled off various account numbers. Great. Do they really think this is better? Who did they study that was more productive with this system?

Now whenever I have to make call I have to go find an empty office so people don't overhear anything they shouldn't. Meanwhile, I'll listening for any interesting calls at the office with a notepad handy. :)


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Jim Carson said...

The privacy component is an interesting question, especially now that I share an office. The systems also present some technical problems because they're very susceptible to background noise and an occasional expletive muttered.

"I'm sorry, 'fsck this' is not an option. Say 'one' or 'I'm your biatch' to be connected to ..."

A bigger question is why these systems are never truly integrated in a CRM fashion. Even on the manual phone systems, after dialing in countless numbers and menus, I will most likely be transferred to an analyst who requests the same information. We had this stuff working in 1991 when I worked at Oracle, so I know the technology exists.


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