Saturday, January 29, 2005

CTS Field Test

Today my training called for a "field test". This is essentially a check in point to see how your training is going and is used to help set parameters (mainly heart rate limits) for your upcoming training.

The test consists of two 3 mile time trials separated by a 10 minute break. Each 3 mile interval is an all out effort and is complete misery. Percentages of your average heart rate from the intervals are used to set the heartrate limits for your future workouts.

I wasn't expecting to do that well since I haven't been working the upper ends of my aerobic capacity over the winter. Boy was I surprised by the results. My average heartrate over the first 3 miles was 174. I managed 172 when I did this test in the fall. The second interval was the real surprise. While I only managed 169 last fall, I came in at 175 today. I have no idea how that happened, but it looks like I recover much better than I did last fall. I'm looking forward to see what my coach has to say about the results.


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