Sunday, October 31, 2004

Winter is here

It creeps up on you slowly. First you're wearing arm and leg warmers once in a while. Then a long sleeve jersey starts to become the norm and booties are required for all rides, not just the wet ones. Soon you're always heading out the door wearing a base layer and carrying a rain jacket, just in case. Yep, winter cycling season is now in full swing in the pacific northwest. It isn't necessarily the weather that makes me say that, in fact, today was beautiful. The time change is the clincher. From now on a headlight is required equipment for the commute home. Lightweight racing wheels have been replaced with heavy 32 spoke paperweights shod with thick wire bead rubber. And what does all this add up to? Slower riding....

I won't even go into the tortue of the indoor trainer. I guess there is nothing we can do but suck it up, get the right equipment and tough it out for the next few months.


At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, winter riding is here in the Bay Area... gosh, it's something like 66' and it's sunny... :')

Heh, actually, we are getting the cold nip here but nothing like up north. And my lights and rechargers are all out and plugged in.

Bah, winter!

Btw - Get some good riding videos, like the 7 dvd Tour de France set, for those indoor trainer sessions. Or, download some of my helmet cam videos and watch them (


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