Friday, August 27, 2004

Thursday Night Criterium - Final Edition

Yesterday was the last Thursday evening criterium at Seward Park for the season. Luckily, the unusually wet weather (for this time of year anyway) paused long enough for us to get some racing in. They mixed up the format a bit, which made for probably the most fun race of the year. First, the normal format goes like this:
  • 15 laps
  • 2 primes of $10 each
  • Points for the first 6 positions

The special season end format worked as follows:
  • 15 laps
  • $1 to the winner of each lap
  • 2 primes of $10 each
  • 1 prime for Mariner's tickets
  • Win and out format after 10 laps

The last one was new to me. In a win and out format, the person that wins the first lap after the win and out begins, wins the race and stops. Everyone else continues for another lap to decide second place and the next person to stop. We started the win and out after 10 laps and raced for 6 positions. So, instead of having 1 big sprint finish....there were 6.

The first 10 laps were pretty competitive with all of the prizes up for grabs. At one point I found myself in front of the bunch and figured I'd go for the big score ($1). Unfortunately, leading is not where you want to be into the final sprint (up a hill, btw) and I got jumped and missed out.

Into the final laps I started to think strategy. I figured my chances of winning the race weren't high, but I could content for 3rd or so. So when the sprint for 1st came I was right there, but only to maintain my position. I didn't kill myself. For the remaining positions I was in all of the sprints, but couldn't pull it off. I still don't have the sprint I need. No big deal, it was a blast and the 6 sprint finishes left me beat and made the 20 mile ride home a little slower than usual. Time to start planning for next season....


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