Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Carnation Race Update

In my last post about the Carnation circuit race I mentioned a bad crash that happened at the end of the event. Well, I guess it was as bad as it looked because the next day I saw this email to one of the local cycling email lists:
Hello all,

To the person who blatantly ran me off the road
straight into a metal stake at nearly 30mph: Please
come forward and tell me who you are.

This happened on Saturday during the 4/5 race on the
last lap. I was wearing the Seattle Super Squadra
jersey (white, green, red) and suffered major damage
to my bike and (thankfully) relatively minor damage to
my body. There was no excuse for this incident.

If anyone reading this knows who this person is please
let me know.

Wow, so I followed up with the guy to see what had happened to him and his bike. This was the response:
Broken carbon fork, broken Dura Ace shifters, taco'd
wheel, bent handlebars, missing heart rate monitor and
a severely tweaked lower back.

Ouch... I'll be curious to see if someone steps forward to take responsibility.


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, Cat 4/5 criteriums and crashes. Funny though, I thought the number of crashes would decrease when I upgraded to Cat 3. Nope, still just as many. But, not necessarily from inexperience. More from aggressiveness and stupid maneuvers.

- Hans


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