Sunday, August 08, 2004

Boston Harbor Circuit Race

This morning I packed up the gear and headed south to Boston Harbon, WA (outside of Olympia) for the second of a series of 3 circuit races promoted by Broadmark Capital. The weather was beautiful and when I got to Boston Harbor I was greeted by water views and nice rolling hills. I couldn't wait.

As I pulled up to the registration area (a school) everything started to go bad. The gates to the parking lot were closed and as I rolled past, several people were giving me a thumbs down sign. Uh oh. I hopped out of the car and a quick chat with some of the racers confirmed by suspicions; the race had been cancelled. Apparently an email had been sent to some list I had never heard of announcing this fact. There was nothing else to do but turn around and head home.

As I drove I started to put the pieces together and realized I should have been suspicious. At Thurday's criterium, the organizer didn't know there was a race scheduled for Sunday (he announces the weekend events and usually knows everything) and commented that the Broadmark folks hadn't picked up any support gear. Hmmmm....

Later that evening I find the directions to the race to be lacking any detail. They basically said to drive to Olympia, turn on this street, etc. No exit numbers, mileage estimates, nothing. Hmmm... (fwiw, I made it to the race site with no problems)

I wanted to give these guys the benefit of the doubt, so when I came home I immediately when to their website to see if there was an announcement. Nope.

Next I went in search of this mysterious email list people mentioned. Sure enough, I found it and in the archives was an email from last night announcing the cancellation of the race. Of course, their website doesn't even mention this email list as the place to go for announcements! I guess it's my fault for not knowing.

Look, if any of the Broadmark people read this, today was a pathetic display of disorganization. Many people drove long distances for that race. In fact, I ran into one guy that had come in from San Francisco and your poor organization and communication cost everyone a lot of time and money (hey, driving a Jeep down there ain't free ya know).


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