Saturday, May 22, 2004

Nooksack Road Race... nahhh...

My original plan for today was to head up to the Bellingham area for the Nooksack Road Race. Last night, the thought of a 5am wakeup call to drive over 2 hours only to ride in the rain was enough to sway me. I opted out of this one. That's ok, there is a very full schedule of races for the remainder of the summer.

Instead, I decided to install a double front derailleur on my bike. For those of you not familiar with the term, when someone says a bike is a "double" they are referring to the fact that there are two gears at the front of the bikes. Most bikes are either doubles or triples. Virtually all racing is done on doubles. I had originally purchased a triple, but have been slowly converted all of the parts to their "double" equivalents. The last part was the front derailleur, a part with which I have had constant trouble. For some reason, I could never get my front shifting adjusted properly. I eventually just decided to replace the front derailleur. The work took maybe 15 minutes, then some more time to get it adjusted, and I was off. The new part works significantly better. I almost trust it to shift now.

So, when the rain let up for a bit I went out for a couple hours to get the blood flowing. While the weather wasn't that great, I didn't get rained on that much and had a nice peaceful ride.


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