Thursday, May 13, 2004

Boring Tivo

I love my Tivo, don't get me wrong. I even added a second hard drive to it. However, lately, I've just found it boring. Sure, it's filled with shows, but the same shows. There's only so many commercial-less sitcoms I can watch. Sometimes when I go back to regular TV I'm almost happy to see commercials because I get ideas for new shows to record.

Tivo has yet to recommend me something I actually want to watch, so today I went to their website and started cruising their TV listings. After all, I paid for the home media option, might as well use some of that nifty remote scheduling capability. Unfortunately their interface to TV listings is just terrible. You can search for a specific show or browse by a specific channel. There is no way to browse a particular category of shows (maybe I just want to see what movies are showing soon?). To make matters worse, when you are browsing a channel, you have to select the general time range to browse and keep changing that to see all the shows. Uggg.

Maybe all this would be easier if there was actually something good on TV.


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